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I am a full-time Sculptor and have always struggled under inadequate lighting. Continually frustrated, I tried many different ways to bring light to my work table. When I stumbled onto Full Spectrum lighting and read what it claimed to do, I decided to try yet one more hopeful solution.

Buying this light has been the wisest investment for sculpting tools I have made. Yes, I consider this light a sculpting tool. Working with this light, I see so many details…even shadows…that without it, I never saw. I never want to sculpt without it.

I have since modified this light to attach directly to my sculpting table using clamps. A few Sculptor friends of mine saw my light and wanted one attached to their table as well! So, since I first purchased my own Full Spectrum light last month, I have since bought two more for my friends! I'm spreading the word! There is no better indoor lighting available and this is an absolute must for any Sculptor. You may see my Full Spectrum light on my website featured on the 'Works in Progress' page as I sculpt my current piece.

Thank you, Full Spectrum, for this high-quality product and equally superior Customer Service!

Mark James Sculptor of Western Themes and Wildlife


I had to write to  commend you on your excellent service!  I ordered the full-spectrum floor lamp on-line.  Within 2 days the order was waiting for me on my door step!  I couldn't believe it! 

I have used the lamp for about 2 weeks now.  I am very pleased with the quality of the workmanship and the effectiveness of the full-spectrum light.  This has been a particularly long winter here in Massachusetts and it's wonderful to wake up to my "virtual sunlight" at 6:00AM every morning!  It's also a wonderful task light.

I have already recommended your company to everybody that will listen to me!!  Keep up the good work.

Thank you again,



Mike, Thank you for taking care of this so quickly. I ordered a number of full spectrum products from your company in the past several weeks. I have been very pleased with the quickness that my orders got to me. I ordered full spectrum lights for both my work place and home and can see a huge difference. The full spectrum light is so much whiter (like sunlight) and I can read things that I couldn't under regular lights. I also appreciate how promptly you replaced the task lamp that didn't work for me. Your courtesy, promptness and customer service was wonderful.


Steven Tope


Dear FSS,

I am delighted to have recently purchased the ULTRALUX FULL SPECTRUM 55w FLOOR LAMP. The light intensity produced by the lamp is remarkable! And I like the dimmer feature which allows me to adjust the light intensity as needed. Additionally, I also love the true "white" light that shines from the lamp unlike the so called "soft white" light bulbs that shine a yellow-tinted light. As a Biology student at UC Berkeley, I found your product to make studying at night most enjoyable. I wholly recommend this product over any other light products. If you are a student, you need to get this product now! I also appreciate the super sonic shipment of the product as it arrived within 2 days of my online order. You have done a great job engineering this incredible product. Keep it up.



I ordered your UltraLux 55W floor lamp, and would like you to know how pleased I am with it. This was after I returned my Verilux® floor lamp for a refund. Your salesperson was very professional and answered all the questions I had. The feature I like on your lamp is the adjustable switch which makes it fully dimmable at any brightness I choose. Not a high/low switch as on the other brand. I also like the larger lamp that increases the lighted area. Your lamp is of size enough to completely light a full newspaper page, not just half a page as the other brand did. My Ultralux came in less shipping days than I was told, and very well packaged, with no damage, and it assembled with the utmost ease. I don't have the eyestrain and watery burning eyes as I had in the past when reading or watching television. I am glad I found your web site, and the chart that compares lamps. That chart was my deciding factor. I can recommend the Ultralux 55W to anyone. To be honest, I was apprehensive making this purchase after my disappointment with the Verilux®, but now I'm happy with my decision. Buying something other than a Ultralux is throwing your money away. You may refer anyone to me that wants to know the quality and value of your lamp.

Bob Hunt



I just received my Full Spectrum lamp amd wanted to take a minute to thank you for such a terrific product.  I am very impressed.  It is not only the most beautiful lamp I have ever owned, but I love the dimming ability it offers.  Plus, I really do feel a greater sense of well being from having that light on.  It is simply amazing.  The lamp is an incredible bargain at this price.  Thank you so much.

One last thing I wanted to mention.  You can NOT consider my experience a "placebo" effect either.  I have ordered other lights in the past that claim to offer the same light as "day", but they always disappointed.  When I put on your lamp, I wasn't even thinking about any health benefits at all.  Just that I needed light in my office.  So I was quite surprised when I actually started feeling a bit happier almost immediately.  It has been raining almost non-stop in the NY/NJ area for 5 consecutive days, so the lamp definitely brightened my day, if you'll forgive the pun. Obviously, I am a believer since I ordered another lamp for another room in my house.  Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend.




I have been extremely pleased with the products I've purchased from you in the past - another torchiere, a light box, and a portable desk lamp. The torchiere andlight box are at our home in Utah, I've brought the desk lamp up here to Alaska. With the increasingly shorter daylight each day, I am looking forward to the wonderful light of another torchiere. I've also been telling many of my friends up here about your products and look forward to showing off our new lamp this fall and winter!

Rochelle W.


I received the lamp and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.  I knew your natural light

theory was the real deal because when I turned it on for the first time, my

dogs positioned themselves right underneath it!!!  Sometimes I tilt the

lamp vertically and it lights up the whole living room, and even brings out

the colors on the TV.  I finally have a comfortable place to read the

newspaer and the print jumps off the page. All other lighting in my house

now looks dingy by comparison.

The dvd was very informative, also.  I'm glad I spent the extra money for

the Blue Max.

Thank You



It was a pleasure to talk with you this morning. Once again, I wanted to share with you how much I appreciate having your Ultra-Lux lamp. I used it quite a bit while writing my doctoral dissertation in clinical psychology last winter and spring. I am very sensitive to sunlight, or the lack of it. I had to spend many hours indoors at my desk over a period of several months, day and night. I feel sure that the lamp helped in a unique and significant way in providing a needed, natural support for my spirits and for my ability to work effectively. The topic of the dissertation was a research study into ways that people can access their own natural spiritual resources. The effect of the lamp seemed very much in keeping with the whole project, so much so that I mentioned it in the Acknowledgements section of the dissertation:

To Full Spectrum Solutions, inc., who made the sunlight lamp that turned night into day, and to the Source of company, lamp, night and day.


B.W. R, Ph.D.


This lamp is an excellent investment. Not only do you get the benefit of light therapy, with the dimmer switch you are able to use it as task lighting as well. The unit is very portable (lightweight) and does not become excessively hot (much less hot than halogen).


My hobby is jewelery making and no amount of light compares to this. 



I have had the lamp on 3 days. helped my sight and moods. Please tell the owner I have dyslexia.

Your dimmable Blue Max Floor lamp is great working on the computer. Told my friends in Minneapolis & Wisconsin and gave them your web site.

Great product.

Thank you,

Timothy G


We love your products. We have purchased five of your lamps and all are still in good working order after many years. We just replace the bulbs.
I am upgrading (for my husband) to a new Blue Max 70 watt nickel plated lamp. An eight year old floor lamp will simply go to another room in our home.
Your quality far exceeds any other full spectrum lamps available.

LindaAnne, CA