Light Therapy FAQs

 Below are some of the most commonly asked questions we receive at Full Spectrum Solutions regarding light therapy treatment.


Question: Do my eyes need to be open?
Answer: While your eyes must be open, looking directly at the light is not recommended. Make sure to follow the included instructions with your product.

Question: Will I get a suntan?
Answer: No, Our Light Therapy products are made to replicate natural sunlight at noontime without any UV emission.  We use a patented blend 3-6 color phosphors to achieve a visible color spectrum that is very close to the noontime visible color spectrum.  For there to be any UV emission special phosphors must be included within the phosphor blend which our products do not have.

Question: Should I leave my clothes on?
Answer: Yes, you should leave your clothes on for light therapy.

Question: How far away should I be?
Answer: For best results you should sit approximately 16 -18 inches from the light depending on the model purchased. You will receive 10,000 LUX which is the ideal amount for maximum benefit.

Question: Do I need to stare into the light?
Answer: No, there is no need to look directly into the light, but you should have your eyes open so the light can filter into your eyes. You can engage in tasks such as reading, knitting, or talking on the phone while doing your light therapy.

Question: How long should I use the light for?
Answer: Light therapy is most effective when used for approximately 30 minutes a day, preferably in the morning.

Question: Can regular overhead screw-in bulbs be used for light therapy to treat SAD?
Answer: No, in order for light therapy to be effective you need a certain intensity of light; the medical community agrees 10,000 LUX is effective for light therapy. LUX is a measurement of lumens (amount) of light per square meter (where the light is coming from and how it is directed.) Bulbs alone don't create 10,000 LUX as the light is spread out; the intensity diffused over a greater area; also the bulb lumens are not intense enough.

Question: Does the lamp help produce vitamin D?
Answer: No, our products do not emit the UVB rays needed to help with the production of vitamin D.

Question: Will the light clear up my skin condition?
Answer: No, the light therapy products we offer are used to help with the symptoms of SAD or winter blues. Our products are not intended to be used for skin conditions.

Question: Can I do light therapy at night?
Answer: Light Therapy is best done in the morning.