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They (TrueLite F40 T12 linier tubes) are amazing! My students now refuse to have the old red/yellow lights on and insist only on the new blue ones! Behavior has improved, exam scores have improved, and student behavior has become better!

Alexander Marcoulides
Physical & Life Science Teacher


When I was the Senior Army Instructor at Frederick Douglass High School in Baltimore, Maryland, I installed the full spectrum lights recommended by Dr. Martel and indorsed by US Army Cadet Command. In the JROTC program, I had a number of Attention Deficit cadets who were always moving around theroom and not concentrating on their assignments. I was amazed that from the first day I turned on the full spectrum lights, these cadets stayed in their seats and on task. As far as improving learning among the other cadets, I have no statistical proof, but I truly believed these lights provided a more conducive environment for learning and thus could only have had a positive effect on learning.

Jim McGrory



Dear FSS,

Your UltraLux lamp is wonderful! As a tutor I spend too much time within thehouse. My eyes had grown "dim" tired and sensitive to light. I longed for sunlight but needed to wear tints, even at home. The first day I couldn't get enough of the lamp. My eyes felt better immediately! I like these products so much I have purchased three light boxes and have them located on each level of our home.

Thanks V. Udrys


It was a pleasure to talk with you this morning. Once again, I wanted to share with you how much I appreciate having your Ultra-Lux lamp. I used it quite a bit while writing my doctoral dissertation in clinical psychology last winter and spring. I am very sensitive to sunlight, or the lack of it. I had to spend many hours indoors at my desk over a period of several months, day and night. I feel sure that the lamp helped in a unique and significant way in providing a needed, natural support for my spirits and for my ability to work effectively. The topic of the dissertation was a research study into ways that people can access their own natural spiritual resources. The effect of the lamp seemed very much in keeping with the whole project, so much so that I mentioned it in the Acknowledgements section of the dissertation:

To Full Spectrum Solutions, inc., who made the sunlight lamp that turned night into day, and to the Source of company, lamp, night and day.


B.W. R, Ph.D.


In a report from School District Superintendent, Janet Aikele, Arco Elementary School, Butte County School District #111, Arco Idaho added full-spectrum lighting to their buildings. The staff reported that eyestrain, depression, and illnesses were reduced as a result. School attendance rose from 92% to 98%. The teachers also reported that they felt better and more positive as a result of the better lighting. St. Pauls High School in Robeson County, St. Pauls, NC replaced lighting in 1/3 of their classrooms with Full Spectrum Solution fluorescent lights.Steve Gaskins, principal of St. Pauls High School, reported that students at St. Pauls went from 40% passing the required NC State Exams to 70% passing.