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I had to write to commend you on your excellent service!  I ordered the full-spectrum floor lamp on-line.  Within 2 days the order was waiting for me on my door step!  I couldn't believe it! 

I have used the lamp for about 2 weeks now.  I am very pleased with the quality of the workmanship and the effectiveness of the full-spectrum light.  This has been a particularly long winter here in Massachusetts and it's wonderful to wake up to my "virtual sunlight" at 6:00AM every morning!  It's also a wonderful task light.

I have already recommended your company to everybody that will listen to me!!  Keep up the good work.

Thank you again,



Dear FSS,

Your UltraLux lamp is wonderful! As a tutor I spend too much time within the house. My eyes had grown "dim" tired and sensitive to light. I longed for sunlight but needed to wear tints, even at home. The first day I couldn't get enough of the lamp. My eyes felt better immediately! I like these products so much I have purchased three light boxes and have them located on each level of our home.

Thanks V. Udrys



This is a big thank-you to Patrick Lin (and to Adam, whose last name I don't know) for the full-spectrum lights that arrived just the other day. Everyone is amazed at the difference they make. Even people just walking past my office notice and comment. The only drawback so far is that I never realized how dusty my desk was until I saw it properly illuminated!

Regards, Janet Coburn, Editor School Planning & Management magazine


I would just like to express my gratitude to one of your employ's LIZ would was very helpful as well professional in the way she took care of my small but important order to us here at the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND in WASHINGTON D.C.

LIZ I apologize for not knowing your last name, but again I thank you.

Thanks for a great Lamp

My 86 year old mother is in one of the last stages of macular degeneration. I saw your ad in a magazine then went to the website to check out your task floor lamps. 3 of my brothers and wives and I went together to get her the 55w floor lamp as part of her Christmas gift. I was amazed at the speed of delivery and when I took it up to mom's we all just hoped she could get a tiny bit of help. She just called me a bit ago on "cloud nine" acting like she had experienced a miracle. She had done a full crossword puzzle and was reading the very first book in years. Thank you so very VERY much for inventing something I only wish we had found earlier. It is to us.... really "a miracle" and we could not be any happier.

Ann Chantler in MN


Dear FSS,

On behalf of our mother, our family would like to express our sincere thanks for the speedy delivery of the 55W Full Spectrum Floor lamp which we ordered for ou mother. We are all extremely pleased and amazed with the prompt delivery of this wonderful lamp. Our mother is so very, very happy with the light produced by this lamp. She has macular degeneration, along with many other health problems. She said with this light not only can she see to work her crossword puzzles, but is now going to be able to do some hand sewing on a quilt blocks. Quilting was her other hobby which she had given up due to the poor lighting from her previous lamp ( NOT A FULL SPECTRUM FLOOR LAMP)!!! Again, we are very thankful to all of you who made our mother's last days/weeks more pleasant, due to this Full Spectrum Floor Lamp.


Sarah Hoffman


Hi Tina,

I want to tell you how very pleased I am with the professional service at Full Spectrum Solutions. I received my Paralite Torchiere today, much quicker than I expected. The torchiere was carefully (nicely cushioned) and neatly packaged.. I was thrilled to find the power cord already assembled and thoughtfully knotted through the poles. Each step of the torchiere's assembly was easy to follow. Now, I'm enjoying the light and the energy savings from the torchiere. I also want to tell you that I have spent a great deal of time researching full spectrum lighting on the internet. I'm a student going to two graduate schools and finding a light that would ease my reading was crucial. After searching through many web sites, I found Full Spectrum Solution's website to be the most informative and reasonable (i.e. merchandise pricing, free shipping) site on full spectrum lighting. I especially appreciated your comparision chart of of other lighting systems including Ultralux. I truly enjoyed doing business with your company. Thanks for making this process so simple!



This is an excellent lamp! I know it seems a little pricey, but at long last I have enough light in my living room. It has a nice quality light and it does not get very hot. The dimmer feature is very handy, since it could wind up being too bright for some people. (I already owned two of the 27 watt Ott lamps. They also have a nice light spectrum, but they are dim even though several of the brands state they are equal to 150 watts. I think they are more like 60 watt bulbs.) The instructions for assembly were about the worst I had seen in a long time. That is a shame too, because it is easy to put together once you toss out the instructions. It seems to be well made. Since the lamp looks like a creature from under the sea or outer space, it should fit in any decor.


Words cannot express my appreciation for the benefits I've received from your products. I purchased the Ultralux 55w floor lamp and the Ultralux II light box.

I've been Bipolar I for at least 15 years, consistently with mania in the summer and deep depression in the winter regardless of the drug/therapy combinations. This is the first year in fifteen that my deep winter depression has not materialized. I began using your products in early Nov. every day. Thanks for giving me back a life in the winter.

Also, as an extra benefit, the floor lamp has allowed me to read much better and for a longer period of time. I can read books again and even things with small print.

Thanks for offering a GREAT line of functional, well-designed, reasonably priced products.

They have greatly enriched my life, allowing me to cope with my mental illness much better.




I received my first shipment today and just tried my first full spectrum bulb in my desk lamp and grabbed a book to see if reading would be any easier. I saw and felt an immediate difference. For the first time in months I can read without squinting!!! I can even read the fine print on the back of my credit cards and the label on my multi vitamin bottle. Before tonight I thought I was loosing my eyesight (even though my doctor said I was 20/20 or better I could not read many things without a magnifier) but now I know it was just the poor lighting in my home and at work.

Thank you! I will surely be ordering more and will seriously consider buying some for gifts next Christmas. I'm going to tell everyone I know about your great product.

Yours truly,




I just received my Full Spectrum lamp amd wanted to take a minute to thank you for such a terrific product.  I am very impressed.  It is not only the most beautiful lamp I have ever owned, but I love the dimming ability it offers.  Plus, I really do feel a greater sense of well being from having that light on.  It is simply amazing.  The lamp is an incredible bargain at this price.  Thank you so much.

One last thing I wanted to mention.  You can NOT consider my experience a "placebo" effect either.  I have ordered other lights in the past that claim to offer the same light as "day", but they always disappointed.  When I put on your lamp, I wasn't even thinking about any health benefits at all.  Just that I needed light in my office.  So I was quite surprised when I actually started feeling a bit happier almost immediately.  It has been raining almost non-stop in the NY/NJ area for 5 consecutive days, so the lamp definitely brightened my day, if you'll forgive the pun.

Obviously, I am a believer since I ordered another lamp for another room in my house.  Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend.




I received the lamp and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.  I knew your natural light

theory was the real deal because when I turned it on for the first time, my

dogs positioned themselves right underneath it!!!  Sometimes I tilt the

lamp vertically and it lights up the whole living room, and even brings out

the colors on the TV.  I finally have a comfortable place to read the

newspaer and the print jumps off the page. All other lighting in my house

now looks dingy by comparison.

The dvd was very informative, also.  I'm glad I spent the extra money for

the Blue Max.

Thank You



It was a pleasure to talk with you this morning. Once again, I wanted to share with you how much I appreciate having your Ultra-Lux lamp. I used it quite a bit while writing my doctoral dissertation in clinical psychology last winter and spring. I am very sensitive to sunlight, or the lack of it. I had to spend many hours indoors at my desk over a period of several months, day and night. I feel sure that the lamp helped in a unique and significant way in providing a needed, natural support for my spirits and for my ability to work effectively. The topic of the dissertation was a research study into ways that people can access their own natural spiritual resources. The effect of the lamp seemed very much in keeping with the whole project, so much so that I mentioned it in the Acknowledgements section of the dissertation:

To Full Spectrum Solutions, inc., who made the sunlight lamp that turned night into day, and to the Source of company, lamp, night and day.


B.W. R, Ph.D.


Dear Friends at Full Spectrum Solutions:

We've been using full spectrum lighting in our office for three years. Prior to installing them, people in our office would get "buggy" at around 3 pm every day. They were antsy to go home and slow to work by this time of the day. The afternoon seemed to drag and no one had much energy. We tried the full spectrum lighting hoping it would alleviate this. It did. People now work the full day without any problems. Work gets done till the final minute before they go home. No one seems unmotivated by the day's end, and if asked to stay a little later, no one gripes. The atmosphere in the office is more calm and relaxing, and more work gets accomplished than ever before. Thank you for introducing these lights to us.

Dawn Josephson

President of Cameo Publications

Cameo Publications, LLC. Is a leading Editorial and Publishing Consulting & Services firm for professional speakers and business leaders.


Hi Lauren,

I am as happy as a heifer in red clover with my new lamp. I have a stack of Newsweeks and US News and World Reports etc. going back 3 months that I just dont have time to read during the day. Your product is SO perfect for my 55 year old eyeballs! i had forgotten how much fun it is to read myself to sleep at night. I am glad I at leastt had time for Reader's Digest or I would never have seen your ad.

A very satisfied customer,



Hi Lauren,

I hope you too, have a Merry Christmas and many blessings throughout the new

year. Thank you for the offer of an additional year warrenty on my recent purchase of the BlueMax therapy floor lamp. I also purchased lights for my lamps and a wake-up light control for my bedroom lamp.

I love my new light and can see better and have an atmosphere of true color lighting. I have not yet received my dawn simulated timer but am looking forward to receiving it. I've had my therapy lamp for a week now and am enjoying it.

I also wish to thank you for everyone who has helped me with my many questions. Your company needs to be congratulated for its excellent customer service. JOY TO ALL

Stella, Boise, ID