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Our new UltraLux dimmable full spectrum flourescent floor lamp is marvelous! I know this sounds like a promotional testimony, but I wanted to share how great this lamp is! We ordered the task lamp/flexible neck style because we already have a very beautiful dimmable flourescent Torch style floor lamp that we love. We have hopes of someday finding full spectrum replacement bulbs for that lamp also. Your technology is improving rapidly. This new UltraLux lamp is PERFECT for us! It has/does everything we wanted in full spectrum lighting. The adjustable range - from totally dim to full brightness - is excellent. It emits an extremely bright 55 watts on high, (Equivalent to a 300 watt Halogen) down to about 5 watts when fully dimmed. The flexible neck makes it completely versatile! You can sit right under it and use it as a therapy lamp or spread the light all around the entire room, just by bending the flex neck. It's also a great reading light! We share our small living/dining room with five Canary birds. They enjoy the light throughout the day. It's the perfect height to solve our bird problem of "the low bird in the stacking cage stand" who was not getting enough light from our ceiling fixture, and it works great plugged into a digital timer! It's programmed to turn on just before sunset and off again later for the birds "dusk" in the evening. I'm certain our flock will be as grateful as we are. We live in the Pacific Northwest where we have many dark, deary winter days year round. Now we have the Sunshine, without the UV! Thanks for making these great products and for making them affordable!

LindaAnne Cummings


Thanks for the great Reptile Lamp, my Lizard is alot happier. Supercharged


I received the lamp and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.  I knew your natural light

theory was the real deal because when I turned it on for the first time, my

dogs positioned themselves right underneath it!!!  Sometimes I tilt the

lamp vertically and it lights up the whole living room, and even brings out

the colors on the TV.  I finally have a comfortable place to read the

newspaer and the print jumps off the page. All other lighting in my house

now looks dingy by comparison.

The dvd was very informative, also.  I'm glad I spent the extra money for

the Blue Max.

Thank You



Some manufacturers of light tubes charge high prices because they advertise that their product emit 5-10% UVB or UVA.  But it turns out that UV is not truly required if you use the proper vitamin supplements and proper diet for pets.  However, a broad spectrum light is better because it best represents the sun which helps indoor animals adapt better.  In short, you tubes are great and sell for less than half the price of people who are marketing tubes to bird people.  I do not need any right now, but I will be buying my tubes from you guys from now on.  I will pass the word along to other people who raise birds that they should buy your products rather than overly expensive alternatives.  Thank you so much for making these products affordable.  As my aviary expands, I will be your customer.

Greg Frisco, Texas


My wife's UltraLux lampis on all the time as she reads with it and uses it for some light sensitive ferns and seedlings - her vegetable seeds got a head start with the lamp this year.