Testimonials Macular Degeneration

You are so welcome. WE are the ones who have had our DAY MADE ...really our YEAR. I was going to say too that when I was at the Mayo Clinic last week........we asked them at their store which one was the best (they had a light box) and they said oh yes ONLY get the 55w and whatever the lux or lumens etc were. So that alone told me it was THE BEST. We did check out the Ott and the Verilux® and all the many we saw, but your comparison chart and testimonials and the Mayo Clinic....... is I guess what sold us. Now we are sooooo very glad we did buy from you. We know it doesn't CURE macular degeneration but does it help OH MY! Well I could sing your praises for ever. It was so much more than we had hoped for.

Thanks again Ann


My 86 year old mother is in one of the last stages of macular degeneration. I saw your ad in a magazine then went to the website to check out your task floor lamps. 3 of my brothers and wives and I went together to get her the 55w floor lamp as part of her Christmas gift. I was amazed at the speed of delivery and when I took it up to mom's we all just hoped she could get a tiny bit of help. She just called me a bit ago on "cloud nine" acting like she had experienced a miracle. She had done a full crossword puzzle and was reading the very first book in years. Thank you so very VERY much for inventing something I only wish we had found earlier. It is to us.... really "a miracle" and we could not be any happier.

Ann Chantler in MN


Dear FSS,

On behalf of our mother, our family would like to express our sincere thanks for the speedy delivery of the 55W Full Spectrum Floor lamp which we ordered for our mother. We are all extremely pleased and amazed with the prompt delivery of this wonderful lamp. Our mother is so very, very happy with the light produced by this lamp. She has macular degeneration, along with many other health problems. She said with this light not only can she see to work her crossword puzzles, but is now going to be able to do some hand sewing on a quilt blocks. Quilting was her other hobby which she had given up due to the poor lighting from her previous lamp ( NOT A FULL SPECTRUM FLOOR LAMP)!!! Again, we are very thankful to all of you who made our mother's last days/weeks more pleasant, due to this Full Spectrum Floor Lamp.


Sarah Hoffman


Thank you very much for the great service. With this lamp my 85 year old mom is able to read even normal print books instead of the few which are printed with large type.

Yours truly,