Testimonials Fluorescent Tubes

I just wanted to let you know that I had to re-model my kitchen. The winter storm last year caused damage to my home and I had many repairs to make. I heard about "Full Spectrum" from a friend who uses for light therapy. I went to your site and saw you had a wide selection of bulbs. I have a huge florescent fixture in my kitchen. I purchased four 4' tubes. I can not believe the change it made. The amount of light they give and just working in an area so well lit is wonderful. I have purchased many more for my shop in the basement, and the compact bulbs for the rest of the house. They give off more light than standard compact florescent bulbs and have less wattage. That is a real money saver. I changed to all cfb's two years ago, I am now changing to Full Spectrum. Thank you for making a great product available, and your customer service is fantastic as well.

Best Regards,
Bonnie J Scheinhaus


Hello, I wanted to leave some feedback on your full spectrum compact fluorescents and tubes, but wasn't sure where to do that. I hope this is ok! My email to you last March made its way into your guest book, and I wanted to update you on how amazed and happy I have been with your product since then! The bulbs I started running 10 hours a day last December are still going strong, and I have not had a single problem with any of them. Thank you for making such a wonderful, fantastic product! I have recommended you as a great source for full spectrum bulbs on my website. Best regards from one very satisfied customer,

Kelly Lindsay


When I was the Senior Army Instructor at Frederick Douglass High School in Baltimore, Maryland, I installed the full spectrum lights recommended by Dr. Martel and indorsed by US Army Cadet Command. In the JROTC program, I had a number of Attention Deficit cadets who were always moving around the room and not concentrating on their assignments. I was amazed that from the first day I turned on the full spectrum lights, these cadets stayed in their seats and on task. As far as improving learning among the other cadets, I have no statistical proof, but I truly believed these lights provided a more conducive environment for learning and thus could only have had a positive effect on learning.

Jim McGrory

I have the Full Spectrum Solutions BlueMax lamps in my overhead fixtures as well as the lamp over my personal workspace.  I personally, although this is not scientific evidence, feel great around them and really like the work light.  Likewise, I have installed them in my home office and my wife and I are thrilled with the trueness of the color of everything in the room.  Using the lights, I much less often go out with clothing that doesn’t match.

In my office, I have had several of our employees request the lamps in their offices and have put them in about a half dozen offices here. Interestingly enough, we are only using about half as many bulbs per office as we were using and the light is much truer and much brighter.  

 Brad Roller

CEO, Swiger Coil Systems, Inc.