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Happy New Year 2018 to you all. I just wanted to write and say thank you for the company that you all are. I recently had to replace a bulb in my full spectrum floor lamp. I ordered on one day and received the bulb just a few days earlier. Your customer service has helped me in the past. Not only do you all work hard to get orders out both fast and well protected, but your customer service people are a pure delight. On top of that, your products are what I believe to be the best on the market! I literally have a lamp at my work that i have been using now for at least five years and I have NEVER had to replace the bulb! Again, thank you for your integrity, in every way.I bless you all and hope you truly have an awesome 2018!  

Janice G.
Lilburn, GA



Dear FSS, 

Thank you for sending the ballast out so quickly. I installed it with no problems. The light seems to work just perfectly now. I hope to get years of trouble free use of it. Again thank you and I will recommend you product to everyone.

Thank you,



Thanks so much for responding to my dilemma (email). I phoned this morning (11/1/11) and a Customer Care Specialist by the name of Cassie assisted me. I just had to install the bulb correctly. It has been such a pleasure dealing with you and Full Spectrum Solutions. Your products and Customer Care Service shine above the rest!



Thank you Angela. The replacement bulb arrived the other day safe and sound. We appreciate your quick response. I love my lamp.



The last time I ordered full spectrum lights (from another company) I waited several weeks for delivery. After coming across you web site, I placed an order for a pair of the compact fluorescent bulbs. I was very pleased to receive them in only two days, but disappointed that one of them appeared to be defective, and flickered and buzzed unpleasantly. I called your company back, and was delighted when the operator offered to send out a replacement at once at no charge to me (alas, I can't recall her name, or I'd thank her specifically). I just received the replacement bulb today, and it works great. My two calls to your company were handled quickly, efficiently, and in a very friendly manner. Having spent some time working in retail and customer service myself, I am even more pleased with the quality of service I've received from your company. It's unfortunately all to common for the customer to be treated indifferently in today's marketplace. Be assured that I will be ordering additional lighting from you in the future! Thanks again, Jeff Gregor


This is Mike Viehman. You sent me another light for my light box since one didn't work when I received it along with some extra ties. I have let it sit, untouched, for the 100 hour burn-in period and am very happy with the product and still impressed with the personal service that you gave us. I am using the free bulb for a regular socket at my grinder and it has greatly improved my knifemaking ability.

Please feel free to send any doubters tome if they wonder if you stand behind your product. You are a true credit to any business and I will be happy to give you any testumonial that you might find helpful. I have not been so thouroughly satisfied with any product and personal service in many years. Thank you.


Mike Viehman


I am very impressed with the service I've received from Full Spectrum Solutions. Recently, you shipped me another dimmer switch and new bulb for the Black Chrome torchiere I purchased in November 2001. I installed the switch and the light is working fine again. If you recall, last time it was a defective bulb that gave out. Since you shipped the switch and a bulb when it turned out to be just the switch this time, do you want me to ship back the bulb? Last time I shipped back the switch after the new bulb corrected the problem. Please let me know what you would like to do and I will accommodate. Given the service I've received, I would gladly recommend other people to your business. It's rare these days to receive the type of service you've provided.

Thanks again, Dan


You guys are the best!!!! I swear I ordered my latest full spectrum light the day before yesterday and this morning it shows up on my desk!!! You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for being so fast and with such a great product! Do you guys ever sleep???? Again, thank you from a very happy customer!

  1. Zomisky


First, I want to say thanks for so quickly sending the bulb I requested to replace the one that was broken in shipment. Second, I want you to know how pleased I am with your product (Ultralux ll). It is a well made item that throws off an amazing amount of light! It is the brightest of all the light boxes I researched before buying. Finally, thanks to your website team for providing such good information. My decision to buy from you was a result of your excellent website. You explained clearly why your product is superior, and supported that with facts. The product is as you stated. All in all, I am a satisfied customer.

Thanks again. S. Simmer


Thanks for all your great help and customer service, a great product.

Dark and Cold in Canada


I have been in the Customer Service business for years. The service I received from Mike and Liz at Full Spectrum Solutions I would rate right up there at the top. Wish they sold everything I need.

Bill Fiore


Dear Liz,

Thank you so much for your prompt service. I have to tell you how impressed I am with this company. From first finding your user friendly web site, to the convenience of having your toll free number listed on the site which I was then in calling very well cared for in answering any further questions I had. I really thought that when I was sent that one broken bulb I would have to send it back as proof. It has been a wonderful gift to be trusted - quite a relief actually. Thank you so much for being part of a first class company.


Carolyn DeTierra


My experience with Full Spectrum Solutions has been a very positive one. This company is very customer oriented. I recently received a lamp that was defective and I not only heard from the director of operations in a very prompt manner but she was also deeply concerned about fixing the issue. With sincere apologies, I was sent a replacement lamp the very next day through Fed Ex Overnight. I was also given a couple of extra bulbs for my troubles. In a world that is very product oriented, it a pleasure to work with a company that cares so much about customer satisfaction.

Gilda Lugo


I appreciate your efforts to get this problem fixed!! Your promptness in emailing and assisting me has been greatly appreciated!! It has been refreshing to receive such excellent service!!!


Janella, VA


Dear FSS,

On behalf of our mother, our family would like to express our sincere thanks for the speedy delivery of the 55W Full Spectrum Floor lamp which we ordered for our mother. We are all extremely pleased and amazed with the prompt delivery of this wonderful lamp. Our mother is so very, very happy with the light produced by this lamp. She has macular degeneration, along with many other health problems. She said with this light not only can she see to work her crossword puzzles, but is now going to be able to do some hand sewing on a quilt blocks. Quilting was her other hobby which she had given up due to the poor lighting from her previous lamp (NOT A FULL SPECTRUM FLOOR LAMP)!!! Again, we are very thankful to all of you who made our mother's last days/weeks more pleasant, due to this Full Spectrum Floor Lamp. Sincerely, Sarah Hoffman

I have been really impressed by your responses to all my e-mails. Please free to use my name for the following testimonial:

I can’t imagine any company being better to deal with than Full Spectrum Solutions. All inquiries are immediately responded to in a way that provides complete satisfaction to product purchasers.




When my UltraLux II arrived two of the bulbs came broken. I contacted customer service and was immediately notified that replacement bulbs were on their way. THANK YOU for this quick, stress free response. I am thrilled with my UltraLux II, and the customer service I received!

  1. McAdams


I had to write to  commend you on your excellent service!  I ordered the full-spectrum floor lamp on-line.  Within 2 days the order was waiting for me on my door step!  I couldn't believe it! 

I have used the lamp for about 2 weeks now.  I am very pleased with the quality of the workmanship and the effectiveness of the full-spectrum light.  This has been a particularly long winter here in Massachusetts and it's wonderful to wake up to my "virtual sunlight" at 6:00AM every morning!  It's also a wonderful task light.

I have already recommended your company to everybody that will listen to me!!  Keep up the good work.

Thank you again,



I would just like to express my gratitude to one of your employ's LIZ would was very helpful as well professional in the way she took care of my small but important order to us here at the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND in WASHINGTON D.C.

LIZ I apologize for not knowing your last name, but again I thank you.



27 Mar 2003

Thanks for a great Lamp


I would like to thank your customer service group.  I placed an order for a replacement bulb for my mothers lamp.  I have the replacement bulb that came with the lamp, but alas moved last May and have not found it yet!!! 

She was lost without her light!   I noticed the two year warranty but could not see how to file for warranty replacement,  I just needed the bulb quickly.  I put a note at the bottom of my order.  Two different people called me to be sure of which bulb I needed.  They took it upon themselves to search for the original order and they found it.   They sent a replacement bulb.  I do customer service all day, every day and it is rare to find employees that will go out of their way, especially since all my transactions have taken place over the internet.  I am sorry I do not remember their names, but I am sure all your employees treat customers in the same gracious way. 

 Karen, IN


Thanks so much.  I appreciate the quality of your product and especially your customer service.

So much so that I’ve recommended your company to many people.

Thanks again,


Thank you for your prompt, efficient respnonse.  I received the replacement bulb, which is working fine.  I find your products to be equal or superior to your competitors, while you are able to maintain better pricing.

Again, Thank you




I would like to add my commendation and thanks to the

customer service department, particularly Misty, forgreat, responsive service and for standing 100% behindtheir products. 




I just received my Full Spectrum lamp amd wanted to take a minute to thank you for such a terrific product.  I am very impressed.  It is not only the most beautiful lamp I have ever owned, but I love the dimming ability it offers.  Plus, I really do feel a greater sense of well being from having that light on.  It is simply amazing.  The lamp is an incredible bargain at this price.  Thank you so much.

One last thing I wanted to mention.  You can NOT consider my experience a "placebo" effect either.  I have ordered other lights in the past that claim to offer the same light as "day", but they always disappointed.  When I put on your lamp, I wasn't even thinking about any health benefits at all.  Just that I needed light in my office.  So I was quite surprised when I actually started feeling a bit happier almost immediately.  It has been raining almost non-stop in the NY/NJ area for 5 consecutive days, so the lamp definitely brightened my day, if you'll forgive the pun.Obviously, I am a believer since I ordered another lamp for another room in my house.  Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend.




 Thank you, very much for your excellent customer service. I appreciate companies who care about their customers through action, not simply words.

 Again thanks,



Just wanted to let you know how much I like my new 70 watt BlueMax Desk Lamp. I use it for both light therapy while I'm on the computer and for my watch repair business. I really appreciate its adjustability. I use it at full brightness for therapy, but dim it a little to get the light right when I'm wearing magnifying glasses when working on tiny watch parts. I can always set the right amount of light so there's no glare. It also casts a very nice even light for the macro photography I use to document watch repairs. The heft and overall quality of the lamp is very nice also. Delivery was very fast and your shipping charge was very reasonable for such a big package. Thanks for a great product and excellent service.

Robbie Robinette

Forest Hill, MD


Just wanted to let you know how much I like my new 70 watt BlueMax Desk Lamp. I use it for both light therapy while I'm on the computer and for my watch repair business. I really appreciate its adjustability. I use it at full brightness for therapy, but dim it a little to get the light right when I'm wearing magnifying glasses when working on tiny watch parts. I can always set the right amount of light so there's no glare. It also casts a very nice even light for the macro photography I use to document watch repairs. The heft and overall quality of the lamp is very nice also. Delivery was very fast and your shipping charge was very reasonable for such a big package. Thanks for a great product and excellent service.

Robbie Robinette

Forest Hill, MD

Hi Liz,

You may recall that I ordered a torchiere which was delivered with a broken bulb. I called you and you said that you would take care of it.

Three days later I received the replacment. Everything works and I love the lamp. Thanks for you help. this has been a very good experience.

Tony G


Just wanted to say thank you!

We received the new Full Spectrum lamp and it is working perfectly.  We are very grateful for your help and my wife can hardly wait to get back in the light now that winter has fully descended!




Hi Lauren,

I hope you too, have a Merry Christmas and many blessings throughout the new

year. Thank you for the offer of an additional year warrenty on my recent purchase of the BlueMax therapy floor lamp. I also purchased lights for my lamps and a wake-up light control for my bedroom lamp.

I love my new light and can see better and have an atmosphere of true color lighting. I have not yet received my dawn simulated timer but am looking forward to receiving it. I've had my therapy lamp for a week now and am enjoying it.

I also wish to thank you for everyone who has helped me with my many questions. Your company needs to be congratulated for its excellent customer service. JOY TO ALL

Stella, Boise, ID


When I e-mailed you I was jerked around by 3 companies that day so I was a little upset. This was only my second purchase on the Internet,that I don't trust all that much anyway, Your response shocked me, I expected to be "blown off" like the other companies did. I wanted to let you know I was impressed and I think you went "above and beyond" what seems to be the norm in America today.Thank you very much,you made my mother's Christmas a happy one. I would HIGHLY recommend  your company anytime. P.S. I WILL buy from you again.       

THANKS again! 

Darryl, Billings Montana


I talked with a woman named Ty today and ordered the bulbs.  I certainly want to thank you for your personalized advice regarding what to order.  As I think I mentioned before, I emailed two other companies.  Only one other responded to say they did not sell the bulbs, but the third never responded.  I am buying from you and recommending a friend to be in touch with you because of your personalized response.