Testimonials Compact Fluorescent Bulb

To whom it may concern:

I depend on your products on a daily basis (I have an indoor greenhouse) and having something reliable and essentially hassle-free is a godsend.

I've left two testimonials on your page and am hoping to make this mythird testament to your high quality products. A little over two yearsago, I ordered both compact fluorescent and 48" tubes. They are stillgoing strong; not one has burned out yet! These lights are on 12 hours a day and have been for a two years now. I've recommended your products to several of my friends and to a few who have seen the referrral to your business on my website. Keep up the great work!


To whom it may concern:

I am writing to praise your Compact fluorescent full spectrum 26 watt
bulb. I ordered two of these bulbs to try out a little over a month ago.

I must tell you that this was not an easy decision as I had recently had a
very bad experience with this type of bulb. In early January, I ordered
five of these type from an online dealer, since this is the only place I
can really find this type of bulb, and it turned out to be a disaster. After only a few hours of use, two burnt out. Within a week, all five had blown. I could not believe it. I contacted the company and they sent me five more to replace them. Those, too, burned out within two weeks.

I found your website through a google search. It has now been over a month
and your bulbs are still functioning. I just wanted to praise you for having such a fine quality product and restoring my faith in the bulbs that I depend on daily. If all continues to go as superbly as now, you will have a very satisfied customer for life!

Many thanks,

Kelly Lindsay
Program Assistant
The McKnight Foundation's Collaborative Crop Research Program
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

I just wanted you to know that the full spectrum torchiere and Paralite CFL bulbs I ordered are phenomenal! The quality of the torchiere, in particular, is terrific. It assembled easily and its quality is readily apparent. It looks like a very high-priced lamp that you would find at a lighting specialty store. And replacing all the standard incandescent bulbs in our alumni house living room with the Paralite CFL bulbs has made a tremendous difference in the look and feel of the space. I am so glad that I found your company and products! Barry Freidly '69 Director of Alumni Relations Elizabethtown College One Alpha Drive Elizabethtown, PA

I received my first shipment today and just tried my first full spectrum bulb in my desk lamp and grabbed a book to see if reading would be any easier. I saw and felt an immediate difference. For the first time in months I can read without squinting!!! I can even read the fine print on the back of my credit cards and the label on my multi vitamin bottle. Before tonight I thought I was loosing my eyesight (even though my doctor said I was 20/20 or better I could not read many things without a magnifier) but now I know it was just the poor lighting in my home and at work.

Thank you! I will surely be ordering more and will seriously consider buying some for gifts next Christmas. I'm going to tell everyone I know about your great product.

Yours truly,