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9/23/2013 Manufacturer Co-Sponsors Boy Scouts Gala Event, Partners with Other Local Companies

1/25/2013 Full Spectrum Solutions, Named Chamber's Brick Award Winner

1/21/2013 Jackson's Full Spectrum Solutions passionate about doing business with fellow Michigan manufacturers

10/16/2012 Is Your Light Therapy Effective?

8/23/2011 Best Buy Chooses BlueMax™ HD Full Spectrum Lighting

8/18/2011 Full Spectrum Solutions Lights Up Michigan

7/01/2011 Smart Business: How Michael Nevins uses his company to help people

1/21/2011 Chamber of Commerce Names Michael Nevins Business Person of the Year Featured on

1/08/2011 Therapeutic lighting gets a sleek re-design

12/20/2010 Deems BlueMax Sunrise System 'Worth it' and Philips Wake-Up Light 'Not Worth it'

10/12/2010 Wall Street Journal Features BlueMax™ Sunrise System

10/14/2010 Features BlueMax™ Light Therapy Lamps

10/14/2010 Features Berkeley Lamp II

10/6/2010 Pittsburgh WTAE News Station Features BlueMax™ Light Therapy Lamps

09/08/2010 Home Office Design Guide Features BlueMax™ 70W Lamp

09/01/2010 LIGHTRAYS Features Full Spectrum Solutions New Headquarters

08/11/2010 Linens French Blog Features The Berkeley Lamp II

03/22/2010 Smart Money Bags Features BlueMax™ Sunrise System 200

03/02/2010 Mind, Body Spirit Fitness Features BlueMax™ Sunrise System 320

02/15/2010 Desk Lamp Guide Featurs Bluemax™ 42W Lamp

02/14/2010 Best Book Reading Light Blog Featurs Bluemax™ 70W Lamp

02/08/2010 First for Women Features BlueMax™ 70W Lamp

01/28/2010 Features BlueMax™ CFL's

01/28/2010 Floor Lamps and Lighting Blog Features BlueMax™ Sunrise System 100

01/22/2010 Electron Blue2 Blog Features BlueMax™

01/15/2010 InForum features BlueMax™ CFL's

01/14/2010 Features Full Spectrum Solutions

01/12/2010 BlueMax™ Featured on Lighting Matters Blog

01/12/2010 BlueMax™ Featured on Alternative Pain Relief Blog

01/07/2010 eHOW Features Full Spectrum Solutions

01/03/2010 BlueMax™ CFL's Featured in Detroit Free Press

01/02/2010 features BlueMax™ Sunrise System 320