Quality Full Spectrum Lighting Unmatched in the Industry!

HD Natural Daylight Lamps That Match Actual Sunlight!



Full Spectrum Solutions lives up to our vision statement every day by providing high quality full spectrum lighting, innovative light therapy, task and commercial lighting products with patented features you will not find anywhere else. These include our new scotopically enhanced BlueMax™ HD product line of natural lighting products unmatched in the industry at simulating daylight. Full Spectrum HD high bay fixtures provide natural lighting in the work environment while reducing energy costs by up to 60% over conventional fixtures for energy efficient lighting retrofits. Our popular floor and desk lamps are ideal for general tasks, reading lamps, and light therapy treatment. For those that wish to enhance their existing fixtures we also carry a full line of full spectrum light bulbs in power compacts, fluorescent tubes, and Neolite incandescent bulbs. We welcome you to experience the healthy lighting difference of bringing daylight indoors with full spectrum lighting! 
We have been a leader in the healthy lighting industry for the past 10 years and have developed many patented features for light therapy products and light boxes, such as the only fully dimmable light box on the market, and continue to be a leader in our market. The new BlueMax™ HD Lighting products produce the most natural light available today. See why UltraLux® is the #1 selling therapy brand and the benefits of light therapy. For exciting new progress being made in the fields of vision and seasonal affective disorder treatment please see our collection of Light Therapy Articles.  


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