Definition of Full Spectrum Light


What is the real definition of "Full Spectrum Light"?


Simulated full spectrum light is color-corrected light that operates in the range of 400 to 800 nanometers. This light will simulate the optical brilliance of outdoor light at noontime. This light can be measured by two numbers, CRI (Color Rendering Index) and Kelvin Temperature or (Degrees Kelvin). The secret to true color light and optically balanced light is how close you can get to the optics of natural light. The Sun at noon has a natural color temp of 100 CRI and between 5000 and 5500 degrees Kelvin at noon time. Both CRI and Kelvin are important for the simulation sunlight.

When you simulate light that matches the optical brilliance of sunlight, the pupils in the eyes will become smaller. This response generates clearer vision and higher perception. The results are lower glare and eye fatigue. When you can combine Lux intensity with high CRI and balanced Kelvin tempurature, you will have quality light that not only matches the optical brilliance of the sun, but reduces levels of melatonin and the stress hormone, cortisol.

This light is not "daylight" color. It is clear, brilliant, white light and simulates the exact color of sunlight at noon. The one fact that proves that this is true is asking ourselves; What is the one thing in our life that is missing? We spend so much time indoors, not only in the winter when the days are shorter, but when we work all the time. Sunlight is what we are missing and light that simulates those brilliant life giving wave lengths will be much more effective in treating seasonal depression than any other source or color of light.

What separates our lights from the rest are color temperature ratings. It is also important to note that with light therapy, intensity is also important. The facts are simple, we offer the highest optical performance of any light therapy unit on the market today, while still delivering the highest Lux output. No light performs better than UltraLux in all three categories. Ultralux II produces the highest lux output per square inch of any light made and we do this while maintaining an average CRI of 90 and a Kelvin tempurature of 5000 Kelvin. You will see many companies state that they use full spectrum lights, but you will not see the numbers in print or graphs below to prove they use full spectrum lights.


All UltraLux light therapy products use "NON UV" full spectrum bulbs. You do not need UV for light therapy. Many companies that only manufacture light therapy devices tell you that all full spectrum fluorescent lights produce UV. This is not a true statement. We are lighting experts and we manufacture eight different lines of full spectrum lighting products. We also manufacture full spectrum UV lamps for the reptile industry. These lamps require special UV phosphors to produce any measurable amounts of UV. We do not put these phosphors in any of our light therapy products.

Below are Spectral Emission Distribution charts. These charts visually show you the colors you will see with each lighting type. As you can see, the light is balanced in blue, green, yellow and red.



Natural Light                                               Paralite