New Ways to work with the CLTC:

UC Davis just approved two new ways for organizations to work with the CLTC—first through an Affiliate Membership, the second through the Technical Services Program. Both use a streamlined contracting process with the lowest allowable UC Davis overhead rate (5.8%).

Organizations seeking to develop, design, and/or promote high-performance, high-efficiency lighting may join the CLTC Affiliate Membership Program to access CLTC resources.  CLTC Affiliates have quick and easy access to six activities that are outside of the scope of individually-funded services or research and development activities. 

 CLTC’s Technical Services Program offers both Affiliate Members and non-Affiliates easy access to CLTC’s testing capabilities and staff expertise for laboratory and field testing, evaluation of lighting and daylighting technologies, and related technical services.

  Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc. Becomes Affiliate Member:

Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc. , manufacturer of a wide range of fixtures using high color temperature lamps, has joined CLTC’s Affiliate Member Program.

 Osram Sylvania introduces lighting education at CLTC:

OSI has launched their educational program in California, hosted at the CLTC. Courses are directed at lighting professionals and include lighting essentials, lighting design, and codes and standards. Courses will be offered throughout the year as scheduled by OSI. Those interested in taking courses should contact OSI’s coordinator via email at