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Full Spectrum HD Fluorescent Tubes

Increased bulb stability and life expectancy! The only full spectrum bulbs on the market to offer 70% lower mercury levels and meet the EPA's TCLP guidelines for non-hazardous waste. Fluorescent Tube Size Guide T5 = 5/8" diameter with mini-pin connectors spaced at 1/4 inch.T8 = 1 inch diameter with medium bi-pin connectors spaced at 1/2 inch. T12 = 1 1/2 inch diameter with medium bi-pin connectors spaced at 1/2 inch.U-Bend = T8 w/ 1 inch diameter, & T12 with 1 1/2 inch diameter with medium bi-pin connectors spaced at 1/2 inch. Learn more in our informative Full Spectrum Bulb Comparison guide.

LED Tubes

Full Spectrum HD LED Tubes The Full Spectrum Solutions LED Tubes are ideal replacements for your outdated T8 fluorescent tubes. Our LED tubes can be used with your existing ballast or bypass your old ballast and wire them direct. With two different reflector options, one with a 160º beam angle, and the other with 330º, you are sure to get the quantity and quality of light you need for your location.

Light Therapy For SAD Guaranteed Brightest, Best Value!

See the Comparison Guide Full Spectrum Solutions manufactures 10,000 lux light therapy, desk, floor, and light boxes to help treat SAD. New LED Circadian light floor and desk lamps with full color tunability and intensity control. Light therapy is most effective when used for approximately 30 minutes a day, preferably in the morning. Safe for use with no UV or dangerous after imaging.

The Jackson Lamp Company

The Jackson Lamp Company is a brand founded on the belief that light can look good in addition to being good. All of the lamp models are named after prominent locations in and around the city of Jackson Michigan, home of The Jackson Lamp Company.   With unique design cues and features, each lamp is a statement to form AND function. Touch control dimmer and high definition color changing LEDs. Sleek metal construction in a variety of finishes. 3 Year Warranty