Testimonials Work Place & Office Lighting

I have the Full Spectrum Solutions BlueMax lamps in my overhead fixtures as well as the lamp over my personal work space.  I personally, although this is not scientific evidence, feel great around them and really like the work light.  Likewise, I have installed them in my home office and my wife and I are thrilled with the trueness of the color of everything in the room.  Using the lights, I much less often go out with clothing that doesn’t match.

In my office, I have had several of our employees request the lamps in their offices and have put them in about a half dozen offices here. Interestingly enough, we are only using about half as many bulbs per office as we were using and the light is much truer and much brighter.  

Brad Roller

CEO, Swiger Coil Systems, Inc.


Just wanted to let you know how much I like my new 70 watt BlueMax Desk Lamp. I use it for both light therapy while I'm on the computer and for my watch repair business. I really appreciate its adjustability. I use it at full brightness for therapy, but dim it a little to get the light right when I'm wearing magnifying glasses when working on tiny watch parts. I can always set the right amount of light so there's no glare. It also casts a very nice even light for the macro photography I use to document watch repairs. The heft and overall quality of the lamp is very nice also. Delivery was very fast and your shipping charge was very reasonable for such a big package. Thanks for a great product and excellent service.

Robbie Robinette

Forest Hill, MD


I just want to say that I have been using the BlueMaxâ„¢ 70w Black Dimmable Desk Lamp for at least 5 years now and believe it or not, the bulb finally quit working.  I was frantic!!  I actually have to turn on my ceiling light in my office today to read.  See, I’m a CAD Designer and rely on my desk lamp for reading light.  It’s hard to do CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) work on a computer monitor with ceiling lights on.  They produce too much glare on the screen and the background color of the screen is usually BLACK, not white so I can’t work well with the ceiling lights on.  Anyway, I frantically went online to find a replacement bulb for my desk lamp and can hardly wait for it to arrive.  I’m hoping it gives me another 5 years of light and happiness – only time will tell.  FYI: Even on other sites, replacement bulbs were higher priced so I bought the replacement bulb right from the source.  Thanks a million Full Spectrum Solutions!! 

Matt Schwartz

CAD Designer