Testimonials S.A.D, Depression & Bi Polar

Love my full spectrum lamp of 8+ years. Have not used the new bulb you sent free yet. My bipolar is excellent, am doing well. Getting floor lamp for my wife, she loves to read but kept saying her lamps was so dim. We are 77 & 79. Mr Dr. presciribed this lamp for me.

Charles Hardaker, Georgia


I just wanted to thank you again for the BlueMax™ lamp. I've taken it to the Multiple Sclerosis clinic to show staff and patients, and to my counseling office to show clients. The clinic bought a lamp for MS patients to use while waiting to see the physicians, and several of my clients with depression have bought lamps. I also notice an improvement in my own energy level when I am exposed to the light.

Stacy, Mental Health Therapist, Ohio


I love my light box. It sits next to my computer, and every morning while I get my e-mail it shines into my eyes. The brightness truly brightens my day. It works better than a cup of coffee to energize me.

On those really grey Michigan days, I even put it on in the afternoon or evening for a short time to help me stay alert. It also serves as a wonderful light for our study. With the dimmer switch I can use it to illuminate documents and help my work at the computer.

M. Batterson, High School English Teacher, Jackson, Michigan


Just to let you know that there is a very satisfied customer over here. How I wish that I had the light therapy box years ago. Come every September, since I was a child, this unexplainable black shadow would descend upon me and make the holiday months unbearable. What a difference this has made in my life! I hosted Christmas Eve and have numerous get togethers at MY house this year - something I could never have had the desire or energy to do. My appetite for chocolate and such has diminished and my energy level is high. I even joined a gym, and have been keeping up with it every day. I'm up at 4:30 every day, sit and read my newspaper for 30 min under the light and am ready to start my day. Before this, I was finding it almost impossible to get any task done - even getting dressed. This is not a placebo effect and of that I am very sure. I felt such a sense of well being and refrained from using it for about four days. I went back to square one. I know now that I can not skip it for that length of time any more. From now on it will go on starting August 28th.

Thanks, D.R.


Thank You for saving my life. For the last 5 to 6 years I have developed a state of depression starting around the month of October that has been worsening with each year. The first indication it is about to begin is a sudden craving and binging on carbohydrates (i.e. consuming a large bag of potato chips in one sitting). Then slowing sinking into a deeper and deeper dark depression, the worst of it in Feb and March. I realized I had SAD when one winter I visited Australia in early March. I felt alive. Literally like someone had flipped on a light switch. I no longer felt depressed and had boundless energy. Then returning home after 10 days of late summer down under, I sunk again into my gloom. Now I knew the cause of my depression. Then I searched about for a cure. My doctor was of little help. He was skeptical to say the least about my being affected by the change in seasons. So to appease me, he gladly prescribed a goodly dose of anti-depression drugs. I tried at least 3 different kinds, only to have my gloom manageable but not lifted. So I finally got the money together to purchase your kit which was all I could afford. What a difference a day makes. Just after one session, I felt my internal light switch turn on. Then that feeling you get around spring time when you know winter is over and life renews itself. That first night I slept deeply and restfully for the first time in months. Since I work with my computer at home the light fixture sits right behind it. When the computer goes on so does the light. My only concern is I want to do more than 30 to 45 minutes. When I go beyond that time I get a little to revved up. And all this in just a few days. Amazing. Thank you, thank you and thank you, a thousand blessings. And Thank You Liz, for correcting the error the shipper caused and getting my order to me so quickly. You are an invaluable asset to your company. What a difference a bright sunny (your lights) day makes.


SSP, here in San Francisco


My husband gave me the Ultralux II for a Christmas gift this year and I had to write to tell you what a huge difference it is making in my life and my business. I have mild SAD and I can't tell you the difference this lamp has made not only in my energy level, but in my productivity as a self-employed professional. It's like having the sun in my home office! I will never be without one of these lamps again.

Thank you! Alicia


Please accept my thanks for your prompt dispatch of both my recent orders.
Each arrived within 3-4 days fully intact. I am delighted with your range
of products and prices and won't be bothering to look anywhere else for
future needs.

The BlueMax standing lamp, vanity globes and dawn simulator have turned my
life around. I'm an Australian, used to intense sunlight all year round,
and didn't realise I had a problem until my husband and I shifted to
Washington, DC. We live in an inner city townhouse condo, where we own the
ground floor and basement. My husband loves it because he finally got the
mood lighting he wanted. I was constantly straining my eyes and feeling
frustrated with having to turn lights on for most of the day. The best
light in the house was in the laundry room with its two fluoros. Within 5
days of arrival I was awake half the night sobbing my eyes out. I work long
hours writing at my desk. During the week the BlueMax lamp gives me plenty
of exposure, but I was feeling emotionally flat and somewhat depressed by
the end of weekends. Since we replaced the bathroom lighting, I now get
enough exposure on weekends to keep me going from Friday to Monday. Now
we're working on the lack of sunlight in our basement bedroom with the Dawn
simulator, which we hope will be the final piece we need for a full return
to a normal life. In Australia I used to work long hours indoors, with only
the occasional walk outside, without any ill effects. I now appreciate how
fortunate we are with the quality of our daylight down under and wonder how
people in the northern hemisphere survive without full spectrum lighting.

A delighted customer,


Dr Wendy Mayer
QEII Research Fellow
Deputy Director, Centre for Early Christian Studies
Australian Catholic University Limited



Dear Liz,

I wanted to share my success story with you.

I had purchased my Blue Max destop lamp about a month ago.

I'm 42 yrs. old and have lived most of my life with chronic depression. I had been also diagnosed with SAD and consequently all my numerous suicide attempts throughout the years, have all been carried out in the winter months.

Years of physchotherapy and medication had alleviated it, but I was so tired of taking pills and so I sought for a better treatment.

I was heading down that depression spiral again in October and I felt that insurmountable fatigue as autumn set in. I had no energy. I couldn't even get out of bed and only did so to take my kids back and forth to school. My circadian rythms were so bad...It was nothing for me to stay up until 3 or 4 am and sleep all day, but never feeling rested. I felt so much guilt as my life was being wasted. The housework was piling up, dinners not being made, I wasn't even taking care of my own personal habits. I would just look in the mirror and cry.... I felt that I was a prisoner of my own making and my bed was my jail cell.

I was skeptical at the thought of light therapy, I thought how can a simple but special light bulb help me with this debilitating disease??

When I got so bad that I couldn't even get the energy to get out of the house to attend my kid's school plays, I decided that was IT and I was going to do something about it so I decided to give your Blue Max light a try. I rationalized to myself that if this didn't work, well, at least I would still have a desktop light, albeit, quite expensive one....Boy, was I in for a true AWAKENING!!

Within a few days of using the lamp, I began to feel a little bit better. I actually felt sleepy when it was time for me to be and went to bed at a normal time and for the first time in years...no, for the first time ever in my life, I actually woke up REFRESHED and ready to start my day! I have never felt so much energy and motivation. I have traded in my old life for a new and better one

For many years I have suffered, this truly is a miracle for me and my only regret was that I hadn't bought this lamp sooner.

I am happy to say that I will no longer dread the long winters of Ohio. My depression due to SAD is completely gone as well as the suicidal tendencies!!! My pshychologist is  impressed as well and fascinated at the awesome changes he is seeing in me!

Liz, please let Michael Nevins, the CEO of Full Spectrum Solutions, know that he is truly my angel. God bless him and his wife Diane for not only saving my life, by their wonderful product, but actually making it better!

Liz, if you see fit to include this mail as one of your testimonials, I would be honored. I have also spread the word to my family and friends who suffer from SAD that they DON'T have to live this way and if I can be helped with your Blue Max lighting products, then anyone can!

Thank you,