Testimonials Photography

I'm looking forward to receiving the new lighting unit. I've attached a couple of low-resolution images which were shot using ONLY my UltraLux(tm)6-lamp fixture. As you can see, the quality of the light is wonderful - quite different from both sunlight and tungsten 'hot lights'. The light 'wraps' nicely around the models and brings out excellent skin tones. The unit is allowing me to achieve high-quality results at relatively low cost.


Just wanted to let you know how much I like my new 70 watt BlueMax Desk Lamp. I use it for both light therapy while I'm on the computer and for my watch repair business. I really appreciate its adjustability. I use it at full brightness for therapy, but dim it a little to get the light right when I'm wearing magnifying glasses when working on tiny watch parts. I can always set the right amount of light so there's no glare. It also casts a very nice even light for the macro photography I use to document watch repairs. The heft and overall quality of the lamp is very nice also. Delivery was very fast and your shipping charge was very reasonable for such a big package. Thanks for a great product and excellent service.

Robbie Robinette

Forest Hill, MD