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Local Student Conducts 7th Grade Science Fair on Lighting; Manufacturer Attends

Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc., Involved In Western Middle School Full Spectrum Lighting Presentation

Jackson, MI– February 12th, 2013 “ Western Schools located in Parma, Michigan maintains a strong community balance between the northern half of Spring Arbor Township, a college community, and Parma, a mostly rural farming community. The school system supports an elementary, middle, and high school for the surrounding areas. Each year Western Middle School holds a science fair for its 7th and 8th graders, and on February 8th, 13 year old Sam Raines of Jackson, Michigan presented to his classmates the effects of full spectrum lighting for his project entry. "I always wondered if weather affects people's moods," commented Sam Raines, 7th grader at Western Middle School. "I thought that it was a cool topic and there is a great company in our town that makes this kind of stuff."

Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc. has quickly grown into the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient, full spectrum lighting and light therapy products for home and office applications that fulfill the requirement for treating the need of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Also referred to as "the winter blues", Seasonal Affective Disorder is a cyclic, seasonal type of depression that affects millions of Americans each year. There are two types of SAD, but the most common type is called winter-onset depression and symptoms typically begin to set-in during late fall or early winter and go away by summer. Loss of motivation, a desire to oversleep, feeling fatigued, the inability to tolerate stress, a desire to avoid social contact, and change in eating habits are symptoms of SAD and can result in depression and weight gain.

"I thought that it was neat to teach my son as a parent about something that he could interact with and be involved with because there is a local company in our city. That makes the learning so much more relevant,” commented Shelby Raines, Sam's mother. “It is nice to have a company that fulfills a need with U.S. made products, and supports the economic growth of our city right here in Jackson."

Sam's display of light therapy products garnered quite the audience from students, and staff alike. "One of the parents at the science fair noticed the display, and wanted more information on Sam's project," said Raines’ mother. "She said that she was going to take the information straight to her doctor and tell them that is what she needed."



"We are always excited to take part in our community, and even more excited to hear about Sam's interest and awareness at such a young age," commented Cassie Emery, Residential Sales Manager at Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc. "We work with people all over the country; most of them are middle aged adults, who suffer from SAD for years before making the connection between the lack of daylight and depression they are experiencing. SAD is said to affect around 4-6% of people in the United States and another 20% of people experience a mild form on form of SAD commonly referred to as winter blues. 10,000 lux light therapy has been proven effective in treating a wide range of depressive disorders and we are proud to be able to manufacture our UltraLux light boxes here in Jackson, Michigan."


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