Ultralux® IV HD-LED Light Box

$ 239.00

The only Fully Dimmable, Full Spectrum HD-LED Light Therapy system on the market

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  • The highest Lux rating per square inch of any full spectrum light box on the market!
  • 10,000 Lux at 16" and 5,000 Lux at 26". See Comparison Page
  • 93 CRI Light Engine brings true brilliant High Definition color like no other system.
  • 5000 Kelvin matches the same color as the sunlight at noon.
  • Patented Fully Dimmable LED’s from 5% to 100% brightness See Comparison Page
  • Optically Enhanced Glare Free lens system removes eye strain. Other LED light therapy units leave your eyes stressed and strained and produce harmful after imaging.
  • Our Product Satisfaction Guarantee assures you that there is no other system that will produce more light, at a more comfortable level without the harmful glare.
  • Made in the U.S.A. with industrial quality components. No other LED Light therapy device offers the quality of the Ultralux HD-LED system. See Comparison Page
  • Industrial Grade Construction
  • 6ft power cord
  • Unit Size: 9.38"L x 4.00"W x 8.27"H, 4.3lbs
  • U4
  • Warranty Policy
The NEW -- Ultralux® IV HD-LED Light Therapy Module

Technology is always changing and making life easier. We now have High Definition LED Light Therapy and The UltraLux HD-LED IV and V offer over 10,000 LUX. The most intense light system made to help overcome the changing of the seasons. The UltraLux HD-LED series offer a fully dimmable light with highest CRI available. Not only does it significantly reduce eye strain but it allows you to use your light therapy device how you want to. Giving you the purest HD full spectrum light and being able to see everything with much higher contrast.

SAD doesn't stand a chance!

LED’s are 30% more efficient your standard CFL based models with up to three times more life. The smaller, concentrated light module is able to give you more light therapy at a longer range. It’s fully dimmable and can be tilted. It can be adjusted to the right angle that you need, or dimmed down for every day tasks. Like in your dorm room for studying or at home in the morning with your coffee. In order to obtain 10,000 LUX you should be 16 inches away from the UltraLux Light Box LED IV and 25 inches away from the UltraLux Light Box LED V. Most people find 20-40 minutes in the morning at 5000 Lux rating to be the most effective for light therapy. You do not have to look or stare into the light but the light will have to enter your eyes for light therapy to be effective.

Conquer Seasonal Affective Disorder

"A way to treat seasonal affective disorder, depression and certain other conditions by exposure to bright artificial light. During light therapy, you sit or work near a device called a light therapy box or lamp. The light therapy device gives off bright light that mimics natural outdoor light. Exposure to bright light from a light therapy box or lamp is thought to alter your circadian rhythms and suppress your body's natural release of melatonin. Together, these cause biochemical changes in your brain that help reduce or control symptoms of seasonal affective disorder and other conditions. Light therapy is also known as bright light therapy or phototherapy." – Mayo Clinic

UltraLux IV LED Bright Light Box for seasonal affective disorder UltraLux IV LED Bright Light Therapy Light Box Ultralux® IV HD-LED Light Box Ultralux® IV HD-LED Light Box
UltraLux IV LED Bright Light Box for seasonal affective disorder UltraLux IV LED Bright Light Therapy Light Box Ultralux® IV HD-LED Light Box Ultralux® IV HD-LED Light Box
$ 239.00
$ 239.00