BlueMax™ 6w LED Bulb, Replaces 40w incandescent

$ 9.10
  • Replaces: 40w Incandescent bulb
  • Replaces: 9w CFL
  • Dimension: L 4 21/64" x 2 9/32"
  • CRI: 93
  • Kelvin: 5000. Matches sunlight at noon
  • Lumens: 550
  • Life: 40,000 hours
  • Wattage: 6 watts
  • Not for use with dimmer switches
  • Model: BLED69050
  • Warranty Policy


BlueMax™ now offers the only high quality, true Full Spectrum LED bulb on the market. Our team of engineers have designed a LED bulb that is built to last! BlueMax™ LED bulbs operate by incorporating high quality, long life LED chips with a max efficient aluminum heat sink which disperses heat to increase bulb life. Our high definition, natural daylight 93+ CRI and 5000 Kelvin color blend enhances detail allowing you to view objects clearer.

BlueMax™ LED energy efficient, full spectrum bulbs offer a long lasting option that will enhance color and detail in your home, office or workspace unlike any other bulb on the market. Our full spectrum bulbs are also well liked for applications such as indoor gardening, photography and aviary lighting.

BlueMax™ 6w LED Bulb, Replaces 40w incandescent
$ 9.10
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$ 9.10