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Comparison of Popular 10,000 lux Light Therapy Products
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Specifications UltraLux I Light Box UltraLux II Light Box BlueMaxâ„¢ Desk&Floor Lamp Apollo Brite Lite IV Light Box
Watts Used 88 226 63 160
Kelvin Temp 5700 5700 5900 4100
Lamp Model 2-UltraLux 42w 3U9510 4-UltraLux 70w UL709150 1-BlueMax 70w BL7096595 2-Sylvania 55w FT55DL/841
CRI 91 91 96 75
Average Lamp Hours 10,000 10,000 10,000 5,000
10,000 Lux Rating 15" 30" 17" 23"
Suggested Treatment Range 23" 5,000lux 48" 5,000lux 24" 5,000lux 23" 10,000lux
Warranty - Unit/Lamps Life/2 Life/2 Life/1 2/0


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Electronic Dimming 100-10% 100 or 50% No
Program Soft Start Ballast No
EMF Tested Lighting System No
High Scotopic Lamp Output


HD - Full Spectrum Lamp


Tested for Visual Acuity No


Click on each caution to see detailed information.
Over Drives the Lamps No No No Yes
Warns of Side Effects No No No Yes


Watts Used

Kill A Watt P3 meter used to test wattage drawn by each light therapy product.  We will demonstrate in more detail why this reading is important under the Cautions Section "Over Drives the Lamps".  All four products where tested using this device with readings listed above.  This reading shows the power drawn by the Apollo Brite Lite IV sending almost 50% more power than lamp design criteria. 


Kelvin Temp

Cal Color 400 #CC027 meter used to test Kelvin temp and flux readings at the 10,000 lux range for the Apollo Brite Lite IV.  As you can see these readings taken (3814-K) show that the lamp used is not full spectrum as claimed and demonstrates x, y coordinates that do not match natural light.  Apollo Health claims that color temp and CRI do not matter then proceeds to state that their lamps are full spectrum when in fact they are inexpensive lamps purchased from Sylvania. These lamps have very little blue light as claimed.   See below under CRI to see the BlueMax color temp reading of (5823K).

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Lamp Model

Digital Image of Lamp - One of the keys to proper light therapy treatment is to have light that is comfortable and safe.  Full Spectrum Solutions is the only company to have put research behind the lamps that are used in the light systems we manufacture. We feel that the heart of the system lies in the quality of the lamp used and the comfort of use for our customers.  Pictured to the left is the lamp used by Apollo Health.  These numbers represent that they use standard lamps with no special features as advertised which are found in many light fixtures not designed for light therapy.
Apollo Brite Lite IV uses two normal Sylvania 55watt lamps
BlueMax uses one 70watt HD Full Spectrum 70watt lamp.
UltraLux I uses two HD Full Spectrum 42watt lamps
UltraLux II uses four HD Full Spectrum 70watt lamps


CRI (Color Rendering Index)

Cal Color 400 #CC027 CRI is very similar to your contrast knob on your TV set. High CRI equates to sharper, crisper, more natural colored pictures while at the same time reducing glare. CRI values generally range from 0 (worst) to 100 (best).  CRI is very critical when sitting close to a light source and is recommended by lighting engineers. Our Patent  Pending BlueMaxâ„¢ Color Technology are the ONLY lamps proven to help you see better! [See the independent study]


Average Lamp Hours

Average Lamp Hours of a lamp are based on many factors including how the lamp is made and how the ballasts operate the lamps.  Heat is always the enemy when it comes to lamp life.  The higher the operation temp the shorter the lamp life.  Full Spectrum only uses high quality Electronic Ballasts that are designed to operate each lamp at its maximum efficiency and design safety.  You will find the lamps in each of our units listed on the ballast covers.  See Programmed Soft Start Ballast

Apollo uses a ballast that is designed to operate two 72watt tanning bed lamps when they use 55watt standard lamps.  This is called over-powering the lamp and explains why their 10,000 hr lamp will only operate for 5000hrs.  If the ballast does not have end of lamp life protection this procedure can cause the lamp to melt at the end of its life.   We do not see this safety feature on the ballast label.  All ballasts that have this feature show this mark.


10,000 Lux Rating

10,000 Lux Rating is a standard that was set years ago by a company called Hughes Lighting systems.  We believe this level of light therapy is unsafe and we promote the use of 5000Lux light levels.  Our lamps are rated at scotopic light levels using a Solar Light 2200 Scotopic light meter.  Apollo measurements use a photopic light meter and promote the use of 10,000lux light treatment.  We list our ratings at 10,000lux if you desire to use this level of light intensity.  We recommend you consult your doctor for specific treatment as needed.  Picture shows customer using our UltraLux II at about 48" distance. 


Suggested Treatment Range

Using light therapy at 5000lux of scotopic light levels has proven to be just as effective as 10,000lux light levels without side effects.  We have yet to have a formal complaint about side effects from the use of our products.  Apollo reports show that 48% of their customers have side effects resulting from the use of their light therapy devices.  Click Here for report.

It is also important to recognize that we do not issue side effect warnings as other companies.


Warranty - Unit/Lamps

The UltraLux II shown to the left has a five year warranty and uses industrial light components not found in our competitors lighting systems.  We will give you a full refund for up to 60days after purchase if you are not satisfied with the quality of our products.  We also have so much confidence in our products that we even warranty the bulb for two years. 

Apollo does not warranty their bulbs and only warranties their light boxes for two years.


Electronic Dimming 100-10%

Both UltraLux and BlueMax lamps use quality dimming controls.  The UltraLux switch to the right (made by Leviton) costs more than standard ballasts used by our competitors.  Our product's standard features make your purchase a real value.  We have patent pending status on the use of dimming controls in conjunction with light therapy devices and desk and floor lamp applications using full spectrum daylight lamps.

Renoir Architectural Specification Controls


Program Soft Start Ballast

The UltraLux I ballast pictured to the right features programed soft start features as well as end of lamp life protection.  Click Here to see specs at Advanced web site. We spare no expense for your safety.  Compare for yourself with the Apollo ballast above and you can see that these features are not listed on the ballast label.


Kelvin Temp - Continued

We purchased two Apollo Brite Lite IV's.  One in 2000 and two 10/2005 and the lamps used in all three products are identical.  This product has had no changes in five years, but now they claim that they have invented a new lamp color called BriteWave that uses more blue than before, when in fact it is the same lamp used back in 2000.  We are currently testing their lamps at two accredited laboratories to back up our testing here in the FSS laboratory.  Initial testing shows our meter readings are accurate.  As always we will back up our claims with accredited research. 

Click Here to see Kelvin temp chart showing 4100 Kelvin nearer the yellow, red spectrum and BlueMax nearer the blue light spectrum


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