BlueMax™ HD Sunrise Combo-Brass 320

BlueMax™ HD Sunrise Combo-Brass 320

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Break out of the box with the BlueMax™ HD Sunrise Combo!

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Dawn simulation products help to maintain proper circadian rhythms and adjust sleep phase disorders. In studies involving light therapy dawn simulation alone has been successful in about 40% of the cases. We suggest using a combination of both a dawn simulator to help you wake in the morning followed by the use of a bright light therapy device for optimal results with an 80% success rate.

The BlueMax™ HD Sunrise Combo includes the BlueMax™ Light Therapy Lamp, and the BlueMax™ Sunrise System Model 320 Dawn Simulator.
See the BlueMax™ difference for yourself!

Why use an outdated, cumbersome light box when you can enjoy the freedom of light therapy in a desk or floor lamp?

With the BlueMax™ HD Desk Therapy Lamp you can take control of your light therapy and add flexibility to your life!

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*Commercial Lighting, Fluorescent Tubes, HD LED Bulbs and CFLs Excluded from $99 Free Shipping Offer