Natural Lighting a perfect match to BlueMax™
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• HD lighting makes colors true plus
  reduces glare and eyestrain
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Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
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  color rendering.
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  sun set models available
• Energy Star Approved

Independent meter readings of natural sunlight were taken on a sunny day in Michigan on April 19th, 2005; 4:09pm. The natural lighting readings were compared to measurements of light emitted indoors from the BlueMax™ Desk Lamp (away from any sunlight) for comparison. The meter readings in the photographs above show that sunlight and BlueMax™ are identical. The technical measurement equipment used was a cal-COLOR400 calibrated precision colormeter. The scientific instrument was calibrated to National Institute of Standards & Technology standards on April 7, 2005.

BlueMax Lighting™ was specifically designed to be the most natural lighting source available. The addition of 6 custom phosphors along with a high output 70 watt full spectrum bulb have combined to create the closest thing to sunlight indoors.

Natural sunlight color meter readings taken on a partly sunny day.
Outdoors/Natural Daylight
Indoor lighting color meter readings taken with the same meter.
Indoors/BlueMax™ Lighting
Natural Sunlight
BlueMax™ Desk Lamp (a perfect match!)
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