BlueMax™ Sunrise System Model 210 w/Bulbs

BlueMax™ Sunrise System Model 210 w/Bulbs

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The integral lamp mimics a natural morning sunrise or evening sunset. Set to suit your own pattern of waking and sleeping. For dawn simulation it will reach full brightness at the wake up time you have chosen. At that time you can wake to an audible alarm or choose to wake with just the dawn light simulation.

Dawn simulation products help to maintain proper circadian rhythms and adjust sleep phase disorders. In studies involving light therapy dawn simulation alone has been successful in about 40% of the cases. We suggest using a combination of both a dawn simulator to help you wake in the morning followed by the use of a bright light therapy device for optimal results with an 80% success rate.

  • Wake up gently to a simulated sunrise
  • Or relax to a simulated sunset
  • Programmable from 15 to 90 minutes
  • 7 day program schedule
  • Unit comes with (1)40w FS-240 full spectrum bulb + (1)60w FS-250 full spectrum bulb
  • LCD display shows Year, Month, Date, Day, and Time
  • Optional audible alarm
  • Large backlit display clearly indicates the function being altered/set
  • Random security light light option while you are away
  • Power fail back up system
  • Height 10.75 inches
  • Width (bottom) 5.25 inches
  • Width (top) 4.75 inches
  • Depth (bottom) 6 inches
  • Depth (top) 3.75 inches

Assembly Instructions