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9/23/2013 Manufacturer Co-Sponsors Boy Scouts Gala Event, Partners with Other Local Companies

1/25/2013 Full Spectrum Solutions, Named Chamber's Brick Award Winner

1/21/2013 Jackson's Full Spectrum Solutions passionate about doing business with fellow Michigan manufacturers

10/16/2012 Is Your Light Therapy Effective?

5/09/2012 WLMI Radio Interview: Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc. CEO Michael Nevins Wins MMA Small Tier Manufacturer Award

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8/18/2011 Full Spectrum Solutions Lights Up Michigan

7/01/2011 Smart Business: How Michael Nevins uses his company to help people

1/21/2011 Chamber of Commerce Names Michael Nevins Business Person of the Year Featured on MLive.com

1/08/2011 Therapeutic lighting gets a sleek re-design

12/20/2010 SmartMoney.com Deems BlueMax Sunrise System 'Worth it' and Philips Wake-Up Light 'Not Worth it'

10/12/2010 Wall Street Journal Features BlueMax™ Sunrise System

10/14/2010 EarthTimes.org Features BlueMax™ Light Therapy Lamps

10/14/2010 EarthTimes.org Features Berkeley Lamp II

10/6/2010 Pittsburgh WTAE News Station Features BlueMax™ Light Therapy Lamps

09/08/2010 Home Office Design Guide Features BlueMax™ 70W Lamp

09/01/2010 LIGHTRAYS Features Full Spectrum Solutions New Headquarters

08/11/2010 Linens French Blog Features The Berkeley Lamp II

03/22/2010 Smart Money Bags Features BlueMax™ Sunrise System 200

03/02/2010 Mind, Body Spirit Fitness Features BlueMax™ Sunrise System 320

02/15/2010 Desk Lamp Guide Featurs Bluemax™ 42W Lamp

02/14/2010 Best Book Reading Light Blog Featurs Bluemax™ 70W Lamp

02/08/2010 First for Women Features BlueMax™ 70W Lamp

01/28/2010 SILive.com Features BlueMax™ CFL's

01/28/2010 Floor Lamps and Lighting Blog Features BlueMax™ Sunrise System 100

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01/15/2010 InForum features BlueMax™ CFL's

01/14/2010 NorthJersey.com Features Full Spectrum Solutions

01/12/2010 BlueMax™ Featured on Lighting Matters Blog

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01/07/2010 eHOW Features Full Spectrum Solutions

01/03/2010 BlueMax™ CFL's Featured in Detroit Free Press

01/02/2010 sunriseclocks.org features BlueMax™ Sunrise System 320

BlueMax™ HD CFL Bulbs and Video Lighting

A Curtis Judd video. Getting the look that you want in your home produced videos can be tough. But if you use clamp lights and the right bulbs, you can drastically improve the look of your videos and make it a lot easier on yourself to get the look you want.

The secret is to use bulbs that produce a quality spectrum of light like those available at http://www.fullspectrumsolutions.com/compact_fluorescent_32_ctg.htm

Kelvin Temperature Explained

Aaron Mason, commercial sales specialist provides an easy to understand definition of Kelvin Temperature.

See for yourself why UC Davis, the leaders in green technology, chose EverLast® to create the first smart parking structure in the US.

BlueMax™ HD Lighting Explained

Bad lighting commonly called light pollution causes a wide variety work related and health problems. BlueMax™ along with the help of scientist has made significant advancements in lighting technology that can help.

BlueMax™ - Scotopic Benefits of HD Light

There has been a considerable amount research and efforts going into examining how the spectrum of light sources can affect vision. Scotopically enhanced light sources or light sources that are biased towards the blue have the potential to enhance vision in both working environments, offices, homes, and also for exterior lighting.
Media Placements
Light Therapy  -  BlueMax™ HD CFLs  -  Berkeley Lamp II  -  Commercial

Media Placements:
- Light Therapy
Full Spectrum Solutions Light Therapy USA Today Feature
Let your light shine on me

According to the National Institute of Health, more than 35,000,000 Americans suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. The longer nights, especially when we switch from Daylight Saving Time back to Standard, and lack of sunlight affect our circadian rhythms, interrupt our sleep cycles, and case fatigue and winter depression.

BlueMax featured on MSNBC
6 bedroom fixes for a good morning

For more energizing light, use a dawn-mimicking alarm clock. The BlueMax™ Sunrise Simulator has low energy light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs, which are programmed to grow progressively brighter as your wake time nears.

BlueMax featured in St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Healthy & Fit

The lack of sunlight can cause winter blahs or seasonal affective disorder, when blahs turn to depression. Doctors often recommend therapeutic lights that simulate sunshine and relieve SAD. BlueMax™ makes an assortment of imitation sunlight lamps and bulbs.

BlueMax featured in creations magazine
Creations Magazine
Ultimate Lighting Experience

Full Spectrum Solutions introduces its BlueMax™ 70W Desk Lamps. The high definition bulb is as bright as a 300W halogen and lasts as much as 10 times longer than standard bulbs. The BlueMax's unique 6 phosphor blend produces a bright lighting environment where details can be seen more clearly and colors more accurately.

- BlueMax™ HD CFLs
BlueMax featured on Martha Stewart
Best Daylight

A-21 Traditional CFL by BlueMax™ (Daylight A Series), 20-watt (70- to 85-watt incandescent equivalent). When you want cool light akin to midday sun, this full-spectrum model offers a long-lasting option that enhances the blues, greens, and violets in your home. The conventional A-line shape lends itself to lamp shades, which also soften the bright-white glow. $20, Bluemax™.

BlueMax CFLs featured on ThomasNet
Greening up Your Lighting

Energy Star-approved BlueMax™ Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) bulbs utilize 6 phosphor blend to produce high definition (HD) light that simulates sunlight with 94+ CRI and 5,900 Kelvin. With lifetimes rated at 10,000 hr each, full spectrum lighting solutions range in styles and wattage from traditional 14W spiral to 26W flood.

BlueMax CFLs featured on First Magazine
First Magazine
Winter Work-Around

Studies at the National Institutes of Health show that 20 minutes of exposure to sunlight for two consecutive mornings can restore proper melatonin production. But since it's not always possible to get sunshine during winter, consider installing a BlueMax™ full-spectrum bulb in at least one of your home's lighting fixtures.

- Berkeley Lamp II
Berkeley Lamp II Featured on Lodging Magazine
Lodging Magazine
Advanced Lighting

The Berkeley Lamp II is engineered as two lamps in one. Its patented lighting system with independent bulbs allows for upward, downward or combined lighting. It is both task and ambient lighting, cutting energy use by up to 75 percent.

Berkeley Lamp II Featured on House and Home Magazine
house & home
Think Green

Save up to 75 percent on energy costs and add style to a room with the Berkeley Lamp II. It features adjustable dimming for decreased energy, light output an consumption.

Berkeley Lamp II Featured on Phoenix Home and Garden
Energy-Saving Lighting

Touted as "two lamps in one," the Energy Star-approved Berkeley II lamp from Full Spectrum Solutions provides dimmable fluorescent task and ambient lighting. The contemporary steel design has a 120-volt power supply outlet on its base, useful for plugging in a laptop computer or recharging a cell phone.

- Commercial Lighting
EverLast Featured on European Car Magazine
European Car
Extreme Garage Makeover

The BlueMax™ F54-T5/T6 bulbs are 47 inches long by 0.75 inches in diameter and will provide 5200 lumen for up to 20,000 hours. each bay fixture houses four tubes, but the reflective backing triples the effect.