This might sound crazy, but I wanted to thank you because I truly believe your BlueMax™ Model 320 dawn simulator saved my marriage! Prior to waking up to a natural dawn simulation, my husband thought of me as the Wicked Witch of the West! Now, I wake up every morning feeling rejuvenated and excited to face the day!
Sincerely, Tammy W.
New! BlueMax™ Sunrise System Model 320
New! BlueMax™ Sunrise System Model 320

List Price: $179.00
Price: $165.00


Save $80 compared to goLITE plus get the added benefits of dawn simulation! The new model 320 is the brightest BlueMax™ dawn simulator featuring a spectrum rich in 470nm blue light [see spectrum]. The integral lamp mimics a natural morning sunrise or evening sunset using long-life LED bulbs. Set to suit your own pattern of waking and sleeping. For dawn simulation it will reach full brightness at the wake up time you have chosen. At that time you can wake to an audible alarm or choose to wake with just the dawn light simulation. This unit has three cords for use in the US, EU and UK and works on DC current.

  • Wake up gently to a simulated sunrise
  • Or relax to a simulated sunset
  • Programmable from 10 to 90 minutes
  • 7 day program schedule
  • Brightest BlueMax™ dawn simulator
  • Long-life LED bulbs only use 10w
  • LCD display shows Year, Month, Date, Day, and Time
  • Optional audible alarm
  • Large backlit display clearly indicates the function being altered/set
  • Random security light option while you are away
  • Night light function
  • Power fail back up system
  • 3 cords for use in the US, EU and UK
  • Works on DC current
  • Dimensions:
  • Height 10.24 inches
  • Width 4.92 inches
  • Depth 3.15 inches

Assembly Instructions

1 GB Secure Digital Card
1 GB Secure Digital Card

List Price: $18.00
Price: $14.00


Extra MP3 memory card for use with the BlueMax™ Sunrise System 260

Secure Digital cards are solid-state devices designed with flash technology, a non-volatile storage solution that does not lose its information when power is removed from the card. The cards contain no moving parts and are extremely rugged, providing much greater data protection than conventional magnetic disk drives.

  • Height 1.26 inches
  • Width 0.95 inches
  • Thickness 0.08 inches

Assembly Instructions

*Commercial Lighting, Fluorescent Tubes, HD LED Bulbs and CFLs Excluded from $99 Free Shipping Offer