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   Full Spectrum High Definition Floor Lamps
Natural Daylight  HD Natural Daylight Lamps That Match Sunlight
Light That's good for you  Light Thats Good For You. Up To 96CRI & 5900 Kelvin
Dimmable from 100% to 20%  Dimmable From 100% to 20% For Your Comfort

BlueMax™ Technology
Watch the BlueMax™ movie and learn about what makes us different.
BlueMax™ HD 70w Dimmable Floor Lamps
• Dimmable from 100% to 20%
• Compare BlueMax™
• The only dimmable floor lamps for
  light therapy
• LifeTime warranty for peace of mind
Protected by US patent 7,019,464 B2
BlueMax™ HD 42w Dimmable Floor Lamps
• Excellent reading lamp
• Compare BlueMax™
• Dimmable from 100% to 20%
• Available in 4 colors for any decor

Protected by US patent 7,019,464 B2
UltraLux® HD 70w Serenity Floor Lamp
• Dimmable from 100% to 20%
• Safe cool running technology
• Comes with a full two-year
on the lamp and bulb

The only fully Dimmable Full Spectrum floor lamps on the market and the only lamps shown by research to improve visual accuity!
[See the independent study]

Highest CRI of any Full Spectrum Lamp at 96+. Patented dimmable lighting system with flexible arm features puts light where you need it.

*Commercial Lighting, Fluorescent Tubes, HD LED Bulbs and CFLs Excluded from $99 Free Shipping Offer