Full Spectrum Light Bulbs

Fluorescent Bulbs
  Full Spectrum Light Bulbs - Paralite brand bulbs add clarity to any task.

Compare Paralightâ„¢ to other brands.

  • High CRI of 93+.
  • The only TCLP compliant (low mercury) full spectrum light bulb on the market.
  • Long life industrial solderless pin construction.


Compact Fluorescent Bulbs
  Full Spectrum Light Bulbs - Energy saving full spectrum compact fluorescent bulbs.

Compare to other compact fluorescents.

  • The highest Color Rendering Index of 91+ for seeing true colors.
  • Lamps pack a real punch with savings as high as 75% over standard bulbs.
  • ParaLiteâ„¢ PCF lamps feature flicker-free starting and silent operation.
  • The most balanced Kelvin Temperature of 5500 and the highest lumen output per watt of any full spectrum compact fluorescent light bulb.


Neolite Incandescent Bulbs
  Full Spectrum Light Bulbs - Neolite full spectrum incandescent bulbs.
  • NeoLite full spectrum light bulbs enhance the blues and reds and cause colors to appear more vibrant .
  • 5000 hour lamp life.
  • We guarantee the lowest prices on comparable products.


Replacement Bulbs
  Full Spectrum Light Bulbs - Replacement bulbs for UltraLux and BlueMax lamps.
  • High optical performance 91-96 CRI / 5000-5900 Kelvin full spectrum light bulbs.
  • Long life 10,000 hour rating.
  • Energy saving designs use 75% less electricity with quiet, flicker-free electronic operation.





*Commercial Lighting, Fluorescent Tubes, HD LED Bulbs and CFLs Excluded from $99 Free Shipping Offer